Jabo, the loss of the stay at Mom was the beginning of the end in my eyes. The attempted removal of God from all things is the other American mistake. I grew up rooted to the farm in Mississippi, the rural upbringing was ideal for us. This world measures success are measured in hard" currency", not what I have tabbed as "heart currency".

As for the woodmizer issue, you simply need 2 machines. One is down, you go with the other. It might be the costlier route but might be a blessing in disguise. Having 2 machines will also help you train someone to run the other allowing you to take on additional jobs.

We must take time to share, really share and get to know our brothers and sisters, it is what we are all called to do. These days of the tiktok, social media, etc. these are all distractions from the real business of life which is sharing, giving, and loving one another on a much deeper level.

Love you and miss you all!

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Great comments Rich. The wars have had a lot to do with removing men from the land, and from the family, going way back. Feminism made women who stayed at home less than those who didn't; whether or not that was an intended consequence. It's been a confluence of events, all leading to a very bad outcome. I love the "heart currency." Love that. And sharing, spot on. As for the W-M, let's discuss at some point soon! Happy Independence Day brother. Love and miss you, too!

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